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Predictive Analytics
Use historical blockchain data, statistical algorithms, predictive modeling to discover opportunities in future activities.
Regression Analysis of Crypto Coven
This notebook carries out a rarity score based on the distribution of Crypto Coven witch traits. It continues to analyze the relationship between the rarity score and the trading price.
Building NFT Recommender Based on OpenSea Trading History
This notebook uses OpenSea transaction data and Collaborate Filtering to build a NFT Recommender.
Exploratory Analytics
On-chain event analysis often requires the surface of off-chain data, where Python is perfect as glue. Here are some examples of surfing with crypto data with Datawaves notebook interface.
OpenSea Trading Metrics
This Notebook is Visualizing OpenSea Trading Metrics Using Altair.
Curve.Fi Total Trading Volume
This analysis tracks Curve.Fi total trading volume per day.
An Exploratory Data Analysis of Yearn.Finance Users
This analysis gives a clear picture of Yearn.Finance Vaults in terms of users and volumes.
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